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Abenaki Green Corn Ceremony

Probably the most widespread and often the most important agricultural ritual in indigenous North America is the Green Corn Ceremony, commemorating that moment when the corn harvest is assured. Join the Alnôbaiwi Abenakis as they celebrate the first corn harvest. The 1850's Abenaki camp wigwam, shade lean-to and cooking fireplaces will be set up on the Vermont Indigenous Center ceremonial grounds at the Ethan Allen Homestead. There Alnôbaiwis will process and cook the Abenaki harvest, including a "bean-hole" earth oven, baking, broiling and stewing corn, bean and squash dishes. In addition, Singing, Drumming and ceremonies such as the Blessings and Green Corn Dances will practiced. The Green Corn Ceremony will take place at midday, with a short lecture at 1:00PM on the history and culture of the Abenaki Green Corn Ceremony.