the environmental arts & media initiative at UVM


The ecological challenges of our (so-called) Anthropocene era are not readily soluble through technological fixes. They require imagination, creativity, deep questioning, and radical resourcefulness.

EcoCulture Lab is devoted to new forms of collaboration between artists, humanists, scientists, designers, and engaged practitioners of many kinds. In particular, it aims to be a nerve center for developing, critically assessing, and sharing forms of artistic, media, and cultural engagement that bring momentum and conviction to the scholarly and activist work of socio-ecological change. EcoCulture Lab is devoted to the building of a culture that is socially and ethically just, aesthetically gratifying, and ecologically viable.

Spurred by these broad goals, EcoCulture Lab focuses on three lines of effort: (1) Creative media pedagogies, (2) Research and critical practice, and (3) Local and international collaborations.

EcoCulture Lab is an outgrowth of BASTA! (Bridging the Arts, Sciences, and Theory for the Anthropocene), a network of scholars and practitioners centered at the University of Vermont and in the Greater Burlington area. It is coordinated by Adrian Ivakhiv, UVM professor of environmental thought and culture and Steven Rubenstein Professor for Environment and Natural Resources, together with a steering committee of scholars, artists, and activists.

EcoCulture Lab is based at the University of Vermont and is generously supported by the Steven Rubenstein Professorship. It welcomes the participation of any who share its general vision.



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