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Burack Lecture “Dispatches from Gaia” by Bruno Latour, with discussion featuring Torkwase Dyson, Rob Boschman, and Steve Paulson, poetry by Chard deNiord, and introductory comments by Adrian Ivakhiv. Feverish World, October 22, 2018, Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont

January 22, 2018, Davis Center, University of Vermont. Gund Institute for Environment and EcoCulture Lab.

A dialogue with filmmakers and Abenaki activists. December 5, 2017, University of Vermont. Sponsored by the Wabunowin Dawn Society and the EcoCulture Lab

October 18, 2017, University of Vermont. Sponsored by the Dept. of Romance Languages and Linguistics, the Environmental Program, and the EcoCulture Lab

September 25, 2017, University of Vermont. Sponsored by the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, the Environmental Program, and the EcoCulture Lab


"Feverish World, 2018-2068: Arts and Sciences of Collective Survival" was a 3+day symposium and arts festival in Burlington, Vermont, in October, 2018, that featured some 60 artists, scholars, and performers in a variety of formats including panels, lightning talks, art and video exhibitions, music and dance performances, public workshops, a “tent city” of some 35 art installations, a parade, an Abenaki ceremony, and the building of an ice sculpture on the steps of Burlington City Hall. This film, directed by Peter Ackerman, captures the goals and the flavor of the Feverish World symposium. Opening and closing text by Vermont poet laureate Chard deNiord. Other credits at end of video. The films were made possible with generous support from the UVM Office of the Vice-President for Research. The symposium could not have happened without generous seed funding from the Gund Institute for Environment, along with a long list of others (see video credits).

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